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Teaching Excellence Award (scroll down to vote)

The Teaching Excellence Award will go to one person who has taught or is teaching at UNB for at least one semester. They must:

  • Demonstrate dedication and passion towards their field of work and to their students

  • Provides evidence of outstanding teaching, which can include but not limited to:

    • evidence of excellent overall quality in teaching courses as determined by students and peers at both the undergraduate level and, where possible, the graduate level.

    • evidence of sustained commitment to excellence in teaching and learning over a number of years.

    • incorporation of innovative and evidence-based teaching and learning approaches where possible and appropriate.

    • utilization of effective and innovative assessment methods that focus on the deep learning of the subject and the development of critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

    • having a comprehensive knowledge of the subject and setting high standards and motivating students to attain them.


patrick reynolds

“This is my sixth year at UNB; I am a Senior Instructor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. In addition to teaching, I have served as an undergraduate advisor, and have co-organized outreach activities.”

nathan thompson

“I've been a part-time instructor at UNB since 2012. I've predominantly taught at Renaissance College but have also taught in the Faculty of Education and the Sociology Department in the Faculty of Arts. While teaching, I've also been a graduate student and am currently finishing up my Master's in Counselling Psychology. As the final stage of the degree, I've been an counselling intern with UNB's Counselling Services since the Fall of 2018. I've also been a past faculty mentor and advisor for Qmunity and helped in making The 203 become a reality. Without a doubt, the best part about working at UNB has been the students. I've been lucky working at Renaissance College as we have small class sizes and this has allowed me to really get to know my students. I'm so proud of the work they have done and are doing - and have learned so much from them over the years. In my opinion, truly effective teaching requires relationship building and authenticity. The curriculum/content of a course is important, but I also hope I've taught my students to accept and love themselves the way they are and to embrace what makes them different and sets them apart.”

Leah bidlake

“This is my third year as an Instructor with the Faculty of Computer Science. During my time with the Faculty I have also served as an academic adviser and assisted with orientation events including SOAR to welcome our first year students to our faculty. I have also helped to develop Cyber Girls, a program for middle school girls that teaches computing concepts. Students from our faculty volunteer their time to organize and lead the activities for this program which helps them to develop their leadership skills while mentoring the next generation of computer scientists.”

jamie miles

Written by a recent grad: "Jamie has been teaching in the Chem. Eng. dept. for 6 years and has developed a unique teaching style, which along with his approachability, has helped him get the most out of his students. Jamie takes complex subjects, like heat transfer or thermodynamics, and distills them into segments that are manageable for his students. He builds upon skills and knowledge that his students have already mastered in past courses and pushes them to apply concepts in new and challenging scenarios."

roxanne reeves

“#Teacher #Speaker #Consultant #Award-WinningResearcher(Mentorship) #Writer #MavHERrick #DiversityChampion #Sister #Wife #Friend #Volunteer #GlobalCitizen #RiskTolerant #PayitForward #AccidentalDoctor #NeuroDiversity #CoffeeEnthusiast #AnimalLover

What do I believe? Success is personal. You have to base it on your purpose, values, strengths and priorities. My students have shared with me that I “pushed them to think deeper,” “changed the way they look at their strengths and my weaknesses,” and “supported them in everything from proper etiquette and professionalism, to concise writing and overcoming fears of public speaking.” Always curious and connected, I am known for building long-lasting, trusting relationships with students and linking them to my networks beyond the university walls.

Outside of school as an international speaker and academic practitioner of workplace talent development and mentoring, I work with growth-oriented organizations and individuals to figure out what is next and how to get there. My mission is to help organizations recruit, train and retain the best possible people. Utilizing mentorship as a catalyst for change, I help people build a mentorship mindset and by building stronger relationships to move from potential to performance.

“Let’s talk about what mentorship can do for you.” Inbox me.

Fellow Nominees: Kudos & Congratulations!”

maryhelen stevenson

“I have been a faculty member in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering since 1990 and have served as the Director of Graduate Studies in ECE since 2010. In my role as a faculty member, I have always devoted a lot of time and energy to teaching; it is what I enjoy the most and I hope it has made a difference. We have some amazing students at UNB and it has been an honour and a privilege to both teach and learn from them.”

charles sacobie

“Instructor for the first year biology labs and recently began teaching comparative vertebrate endocrinology. I am currently an Academic Advisor for both biology and biochem majors in the faculty of science.”

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