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Teaching Excellence Award


Forestry and Environmental Management

Louise Comeau lives in Keswick Ridge with her partner Tom Beckley where they share their vision for sustainable living with students. Louise is passionate about solving climate change and it shows in teaching to instill a sense of agency and hope in students. She has served on numerous federal and provincial climate change related committees and delegations, including the Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation and Resiliency. She has been honored with two Queen’s Jubilee citizenship medals.



My name is Dr. Jonathon Edwards and I am an assistant professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology. The courses I teach are: Recreation and Sport Delivery Systems, Marketing and Sponsorship in Recreation and Sport, Careers and People Management in Recreation and Recreation, and Programming and Events in Recreation and Sport. I am passionate about teaching, and I attempt to create a classroom environment open to sharing ideas among students, and challenging students to “think outside the box”.



Jamie has been teaching in the Chem. Eng. dept. for 5 years and has developed a unique teaching style, which along with his approachability, has helped him get the most out of his students.
Jamie takes complex subjects, like heat transfer or thermodynamics, and distills them into segments that are manageable for his students. He builds upon skills and knowledge that his students have already mastered in past courses and pushes them to apply concepts in new and challenging scenarios.


Forestry and Environmental Management

After many years in government, I joined UNB in 2016. The Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management is the perfect venue for me to transmit my love of wildlife to receptive and interested students. In my teaching, I make myself readily available to my students. I reject the top-down approach to teaching that often results in heavy-handed ultimatums and a poor rapport. Instead, I seek to earn student respect, by being approachable, knowledgeable, and human.



A dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, Dr. Nicole O'Byrne is the proud winner of the 2017 UNB Teachoff competition. She is always seeking ways to improve her teaching and to inspire her students to reach greater heights of understanding and achievement. Her classroom method reflects the demands of the vast range of professional legal environments by combining theoretical ideas with practical skills development. She also known for the concern she displays for her students' health and well-being.



I believe that teaching is so much more than sharing knowledge, teaching is about inspiring students to learn, to understand and to grow. I want students to feel a personal connection with me. This is hard in a large class setting so I make every effort to share personal stories about myself, my kids and learning. I try to see each student as an individual and hope to inspire a few to reach beyond their goals. I love math, my 2 kids, my 5 pets and my 50+ coloured markers.



Twenty-five years have passed since Val first joined the UNB family. After earning her BSc in Chemistry in 1997, she decided to stay and pursue graduate school with the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management. During her PhD studies, she began instructing introductory chemistry lectures and labs, and immediately fell in love with teaching. Val is enthusiastic about her discipline and tries to encourage her students to do their best and to enjoy chemistry, even at 8:30 am!



Dr. Vicky Simpson has been a part-time instructor in the Department of English for the last ten years. She regularly teaches introductory courses in essay writing, short fiction, and the novel. Her research interests are nineteenth-century British literature, particularly women’s writing, narrative theory, and Gothic and sensation fiction. Dr. Simpson won an Arts Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award at UNB in 2016.



Charlene Shannon-McCallum is born and raised in New Brunswick and is currently a Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology teaching within the Recreation and Sport Studies degree program. Over her 16 years at UNB, she has engaged in family-centred leisure scholarship with a particular focus on understanding leisure behaviour. She teaches Gender, Leisure and Sport; Youth Development through Recreation and Sport, and Concepts in Recreation, Leisure, and Sport.

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