President | Richard Du
SUB 119 | (506) 452-6091

Born in Shandong, China and raised in Fredericton, NB, Richard has always been passionate and excited by the endless potential of creativity, imagination and design. Entering his fifth year as mathematics student at the University of New Brunswick, Richard is thrilled to serve as President of the UNB Student Union and hopes to make an impact on student life at our amazing university. Richard is especially passionate about using inclusion and positivity to unite students in new ways. 

In other areas of the UNB community, Richard has served as Orientation Chair of the UNB Student Union where he brought a massive sand-filled tent dance to the quad, Marketing Manager of the Student Union, Co-Chair of TEDxUNB and President of the UNB Math Society. 

During his spare time, Richard enjoys playing music, cooking, cycling, badminton and Kendrick Lamar.


Vice President Advocacy | Simal Qureshi
SUB 124 | (506) 458 7164

Simal proudly hails from one of the most breathtaking and extraordinary places on the planet (Newfoundland!) and is working towards completing her Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership, with a double minor in sociology and biology. Serving as VP Advocacy, she will be responsible for bringing forward new initiatives for policy, campaigns, and positions to promote meaningful change on student issues and ensure that students are well represented both internally and externally to the UNB community.

Simal has been involved with campus initiatives and clubs, serving as Co-President of the UNB Mental Health Association, Speakers Lead on the RED Awards Team, and as an Educational Proctor at Neville-Jones Residence.  She is very much looking forward to working closely with UNBSU council and executive team and firmly believes in fostering inclusion, celebrating diversity, building a strong community and ultimately ensuring a safe, healthy, and welcoming space for all students.

In her spare time, you can find Simal in the line for Tim Horton’s, at the library, or chatting away in the SUB! She loves to read, meet new people, and eat mint chocolate bars.

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Vice President Internal | Alison Balcom
SUB 121 | (506) 458-7655

A Fredericton local of 21 years, Ali has thoroughly enjoyed her UNB journey that has led her to study in three continents.  She fuels her passion for bettering the place she increasingly loves to call home through her global perspective and diverse academic background. Having completed her Renaissance College degree with a minor in Business, she now plans to complete her victory lap with a minor in Sociology.

Previously contributing to the Student Union as the Marketing Manager and Orientation BlackShirt, Ali could not be more excited to strengthen internal components of our community through initiatives such as Book Buy and Sell and Academic Advocacy.

Throughout the summer, you can find her in her spare time at her cottage canoeing, hiking, or more likely relaxing on the beach. Once school begins, it won’t take long to locate her somewhere in the Student Union Building.

Vice President Finance & Operations | Emily Meagher
SUB 120 |  (506) 452-6233

Originally from the Hub of Nova Scotia (Truro), Emily is entering her fourth year working on a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Since arriving at UNB, she’s involved herself with the Campus Food Strategy Group, the marketing for the TEDxUNB 2018 Conference, and playing late-night intermural innertube water polo. Over the last three years of living in residence and quite literally calling UNB home, Emily has helped create strong and inclusive communities through her role as a residence proctor. She wholeheartedly believes in the power of positivity and thinks a smile is often the best way to face any problem. You can often find Emily hunting for her next coffee downtown, petting animals, or enjoying a plate of veggie bites in the cellar. She is passionate about learning, teaching, and meeting new people (and dogs).

As VP Finance and Operations, she hopes to engage students across campus to become involved with their UNB Student Union and share their ideas and creativity. The role of VP Finance & Operations includes: managing the UNBSU Operating Budget, supporting Clubs and Societies, participating in Orientation week as a BlackShirt, and overseeing all the hiring of UNBSU coordinators, and employees.

Most of all, Emily is excited for another weird and wonderful year on this spectacular campus.

Vice President Student Life | Benjamin Palmer
SUB 123 | (506) 452-6096 

Ben is a longtime Frederictonian, having been involved in the Fredericton business community from an early age. While entering his third year, pursuing an honours in marketing and minor in economics, his passions for marketing, technology and education have created a strong foundation for his term as Vice-President Student Life.

From sitting on UNB Senate committees, two-term President of the Business Administration Undergraduate Society (BAUS), and Director at the New Brunswick Teachers Association Credit Union, Ben is deeply committed to the greater student community at home and abroad.

In his work as Co-Chair of the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit and Executive Director (External) of the Canadian Business Schools Conference, Ben has honed organizing, promoting, and executing stellar large-scale events.

In his spare time, Ben can often be found cycling or planning another conference/concert/Instagram caption.

Associate VP Communications | Sydney Rankin
SUB 125 |  (506) 451 6878

Born and raised along St.Margaret's Bay Nova Scotia, Sydney is entering her third year at UNB pursing a degree in Medicinal Chemistry. Her passion for student engagement and the thrill of everyday adventure have lead her into her first role with the Student Union; with Fredericton being the perfect community rich with bold and progressive youth facilitating an environment where creativity thrives.

Her ambitions have lead her around the world volunteering in rural communities, but closer to home she works as a Community Advisor to students living in residence, TA and Peer Mentor to the students of UNB. She also held the role of Logistics Director for TEDxUNB's 2018 conference, and is eagerly looking forward to stepping into her upcoming role as Co-Chair.

In her spare time you could find Sydney visiting local coffee shops, running, or trying to figure out why John Mayer won't return her emails.