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Club/Society of the Year (scroll down to vote)

The Club/Society of the Year Award will go to two official UNB clubs/societies that:

  • Demonstrate consistency in event planning and delivery, high participation and attendance of its membership, and sets an example for other student societies and clubs.

  • Has implemented fun, innovative and inclusive events throughout the year, and has made positive impacts on our student body.

  • Demonstrate a high level of communication and teamwork among within club/society

  • Is inclusive and welcoming to all new members


UNB Global Brigades

Founded in 2010, UNB Global Brigades has had a growing presence on the UNB campus as well as within the overarching Global Brigades organization. Having sent 11 brigades to Honduras, with 3 more going this summer, UNB students have raised $473000 to support sustainable development in rural Honduras. In Honduras the students work on preventative healthcare and education, through interactions with the communities and by helping with public health infrastructure, water systems and medical clinics.

Undergraduate Chemistry Society

“The Undergraduate Chemistry Society is a student-led academic group, affiliated with the department of Chemistry. With collaboration from our peers in the faculty, we promote fun and engaging social, educational and networking opportunities and events. On top of the various Chemistry events we hold, we organize and run a Science Resource Center that provides free tutoring for 1st year students. Additionally we maintain a student lounge where you can always find a place to socialize with friends, a quiet place to study, or just grab a coffee.”

Vegan and Vegetarian Society

The Vegan and Vegetarian Society (VVS) aspires to create an inclusive community of like-minded individuals who have dietary restrictions due to concerns over the environment, animal agriculture or cruelty, or health reasons. The Society is open to all students on the UNB and STU campus, and our events reach large numbers of people who are vegan, vegetarian, or interested in learning more about reducing their consumption of animal products. The VVS was created to provide educational information on conscious consumerism, environmental degradation and promote vegan and vegetarian food options on the UNB campus. The VVS has had an impact within and outside the university grounds and worked with other groups—like the UNBSU Food Team and the Sustainability Group—who share a desire to reduce their environmental impact, improve student health, and limit their participation in animal cruelty consumerism. We have promoted student health by offering free plant-based breakfasts, promoted plant-based cooking through our free ‘lunch and learn’ cooking classes, and have created a social network on campus through our trivia nights and potlucks. Furthermore, we will be giving back to the community by donating profits to local organizations like the Fredericton SPCA and the Wallflower Sanctuary.

UNB Mathematics Society

The Mathematics Society's primary mandate is to promote inclusivity within the field of mathematics at UNB. Their events are open to any student, staff or faculty member, regardless of their knowledge or experience in the field of mathematics. They host educational and social events, bridging the gap between students and faculty. Events include coffee houses, meet the department nights, movie nights, guest speaker events, exam de-stressors, brain teasers, trivia nights, fundraisers, clothing sales and their annual Pi Week in March. The Math Society also does community outreach with High Schools, hosting an independent mathematics competition each year. The Society’s executive is responsible for the planning, fundraising, approval and promotion of all the events. The executive consists of only 6 members, and they each contribute immensely to the success of the many events hosted. The Society contributes to the rich student experience on campus.

UNB Computer Science Association (CSA)

The CSA has an open door policy & strives to provide a safe space for all people. We offer a diverse set of events throughout the year (several each month) to encourage socialization among CS students & those from other Faculties as well; all are welcome at CSA events! We host free monthly board game get-togethers, regular pancake breakfasts, BBQs, de-stress events, movie nights, picnics in the park in the summer, and more! Larger annual events include our trip to TreeGO, Lock-In at Kingswood Entertainment Centre, Holiday Party, Casino Night, and End-of-Year Banquet. The CSA also has a strong community focus, hosting several fundraisers for the Children's Miracle Network hospitals in the Fall term, including a 24-hour Charity Gaming Marathon, as well as a big food drive and several fundraisers for the Fredericton Community Kitchens' Student Hunger Program in the Winter term. We also provide a voice for CS students to communicate with the Faculty, SU & the university at large.

Engineering Undergraduate Society

“The EUS enhances the UNB engineering student experience by hosting engaging events, advocating for students to external organizations and the faculty, and providing academic and personal support. Each year the EUS organizes monthly Pillar Pubs, an Engineering Week with events every day, the Eng Cup hockey tournament and more. We engage with UNB and the Fredericton community by organizing a room at the APEGNB Haunted House, raising money for mental health on Pi Day, hosting a Shadow Day for high school students, and hosting a transition day for UNBSJ Students. We also send over 60 students to 9 conferences and competitions all across Canada.”

Media Arts and Cultures Society

The Media Arts & Cultures Society is a student society ran by students of the Media Arts & Cultures department that hosts great events to connect students within and outside the department, as well as connect media students with opportunities to practice and develop their craft. The society is a collaborative platform to connect creative students with others on projects and through events like the End of Year Showcase, showcases the creative talent of students in the Media Arts & Cultures department alongside a slew of fun events to hang out and get to know other like-minded students.

UNB Barbell Club

“The UNB Barbell Club helps people become more comfortable in the weight-room. We provide our members with knowledge from experienced lifters, we compete at competitions together, and create a community of confident lifters in the weight-room.”

international student association

“UNB International Student Association is here to offer support and promote the roles of international students in UNB Fredericton community. With exciting events and programs, we aim on enhancing the university experience and reduce the differences between the International and Canadian students. We have been organizing at least one event every month including the Board Game Night, Fundraising Movie Night and International Karaoke Night. We have also collaborated with the UNBSU MultiCultural Initiative on organizing events such as The Soccer Tournament in fall and Ticket to Diversity on Winter semester. We're also working with them for our social media campaign where we interviewed students from various countries regarding their culture and their ethnicity. From this semester we have also started our office hours so that International students who want to talk to us regarding their mental health can reach out to us. We're still planning to organize various events with the motive to increase the involvement of International Students in the UNB community.”

unb engiqueers

“Through events and other programs we create a visible queer presence and provide resources to the queer community in engineering.”

business administration undergraduate society (baus)

“OUR MISSION: Standing on a tradition of excellence, the BAUS strives to provide all BBA students with a phenomenal university experience. Our drive comes from preparing students for life beyond university, and encouraging them to lead meaningful lives. To empower, connect, and create a community of support for students in the University of New Brunswick's Business Administration Faculty.”

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