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Fine Arts/Performing Arts Award (scroll down to vote)

The Fine Arts/Performing Arts Award will go to one UNB student who:

  • Demonstrates an aptitude for and interest in the cultural and artistic dimension of life.

  • Provides inspiration, encouragement and support to their peers through their passion of the arts.

  • Provides leadership and the development of the arts within UNB, as well as the outside community


Chantelle masterson

Chantelle is an active member of her UNB community. In the context of her involvement with the fine arts, most of Chantelle’s work encompasses the visual arts and utilizing it to help others. At the local level, Chantelle has donated 10+ paintings to several local charity fundraisers to give back to her community. At UNB, Chantelle co-organised and donated paintings to a Fredericton Islamic Association fundraiser, as well as a UNB student-led fundraiser for Imprint Youth Association (to name a few). With her best efforts, Chantelle works to inspire others to find a passion for the fine arts, for example, by teaching volunteer art classes for children at Autism Connections Fredericton. Chantelle’s involvement in the arts has granted her several awards and scholarships, and her artwork has been on display at numerous local and student art shows both on and off campus, and at the Canadian War Museum (Ottawa, Ont). Ultimately, Chantelle’s goal is to inspire and encourage others to explore expression through art, and to support her community.

kaitlyn derrah

“As the president of ArtZone I have strived for high level of communication and teamwork within the club and have gained the largest membership that ArtZone has ever seen with over 50 members. I have strived to provide inspiration, encouragement and support to my peers through a passion of the arts through organising club activities and events. Through hard work as president I have bridged the gap between arts, sciences and the environmental joining forces with various other clubs, societies, initiatives and the unb community to create an awareness through art campaign for world water day exhibition and to emphasize the plastic free unb campaign. Working hard to join everyone together and to make everyone feel included and to also address environmental concerns and to make this year a memorial and positive experience for not only Artzone but the rest of the UNB community.”

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