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Residence Leader of the Year Award (scroll down to vote)

The Residence Leader of the Year Award will go to five students who live in residence. They must:

  • Demonstrates school spirit by attending/ organizing residence events, volunteering for their house charity etc.

  • Demonstrates leadership and initiative within the house committee, and to other residents

  • Contributes to the life of the residence community.

  • Encourage and empower other residents to get involved in the wider community.

    Takes initiative in creating new opportunities for their peers.


Isabella gallant

“My House Committee and I have been really involved in the UNB community this year. We successfully had our Polar Dip and Our polar dip dance, opened up to the UNB community. Together, we raised $2250 for the IWK in Halifax, NS. I am unbelievably proud to be a part of this house committee, and giving back to a notable charity means the world to my house committee and myself. I have received nothing but positive feedback regarding our event.”

beatrix balch

“I am currently House President of Lady Dunn Hall which leads to connections with outstanding people. Which is how I have been able to be involved with the wonderful groups of S.P.R.I.N.G, which is a program at the YMCA where we get to spend the morning with amazing kids, and the Peer Support Centre, where we get to interact with students, and identify and offer resources.”


“I am currently Secretary for Lady Dunn Hall. Earlier this year I was on House Orientation Committee, where we helped plan and organize various orientation events. I am also very honoured to be a Peer Mentor for the Faculty of Arts, which means I answer any questions first year students might have regarding their degree.”

sean gray

“Throughout my four years at UNB I have acted as an HOC member, Social Representative, and President of Tibbits Hall, as well as President of Joy Kidd. I strive to make residence a welcoming and engaging home for its residents.”

Bret hazleton

“I was an HOC, am currently on Neill House Committee as a sports rep, and also currently supervise the Neill house staff. I attend and captain most of our sports teams multiple times a week, make sure staff runs smoothly by shovelling and delivering supplies and mail, lead some parts of our house meetings, and led the Neill House cheers that ended up winning blast off.”

Dylan foote

“Hello! I am an active resident in Joy W. Kidd and am a Charity Representative on House Committee. This involves helping with a variety of house events as well as planning/organizing the annual charity events. I enjoy helping people and do my best to make residence a positive experience for everyone. I write a corny joke on my board every week that will either make you laugh or cringe, but hopefully brighten your day. I am also involved with intramurals.”


“Third year MAAC student, currently the President of Harrison House which I consider to be my greatest accomplishment.”

Jada hawkins

“I am a member of the Lady Dunn Hall House Committee and also play in the UNB Concert Band.”

justin ferguson

“I am a second year geological engineering student living in Mackenzie House. I play on the UNB baseball team and am a sports rep and HOC for Mack house.”

gwyn richardson

Gwyn Richardson is a first year Renaissance College student, from Toronto, Ontario. Gwyn is the Bridges House first year rep and loves every second of it (except for many bottle closet). Gwyn is also the summit coordinator for the UNBF summit on February 23. Gwyn loves Bridges House, and UNB as a whole!

jillian carson

“I’m a first year student at UNB pursuing a Bachelor of Arts! I live in Joy W Kidd house and I serve on our house committee as a social representative, I love being involved in events around campus and within my house!”

reid hall

“Current President of Neill house.”

olivia gaetz

“I have been both an HOC and a member of House Committee in Neville Jones House this past year and enjoy making a positive impact on the lives of my fellow residents in any way possible!”

evan gullison

“Hi, I'm Evan Gullison. I'm in my second year of civil engineering. I am currently the Vice President of Joy W. Kidd House. This is my second year on residence, last year living in Tibbits Hall. I am currently the TA for ECON 1073, Economics for Engineers.”

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