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Residence Leader of the Year

brendan finnerty

2nd year electrical engineering

Having grown up in Rwanda, Brendan moved to New Brunswick to pursue his dream of becoming a Pediatric Surgeon. He is a passionate advocate for personal environmental change and is currently studying Electrical Engineering. Brendan is a proctor, the Green Rep for Residence, VP Logistics for CFES PM, founder of Zero Waste UNB, and a member of the Campus Food Strategy Group. Brendan spends his free time playing guitar and piano, collects pottery hippos, and loves growing plants.

Jillian Lamb

4th year science

Jill was First Year representative in Tibbits Hall, Hall and Educational Proctor at Joy Kidd House, and Hall Proctor at Lady Beaverbrook. She has fostered change by supporting students and creating events to promote social engagement outside of academic commitments. She has been able to connect with the residence community through a backpack collection she organized for the Syrian refugees in 2016 and a mental health event where she brought therapy dogs into residence for the first time.



Born and raised in Halifax, N.S., Emma values family, friends and education above all else. When she came to UNB she immediately fell for Harrison house and it’s family values. She has stayed there for 3 Years while studying electrical engineering, doing jstaff for all three years, HOC in her second and third year, and becoming social rep in her third year. She has always wanted to help others have fun and make them feel at home.

gregory macmillan

3rd year kinesiology

Born and raised in Halifax,NS, Greg is in his 3rd year of a Kinesiology. Greg is a Lead Proctor in Bridges House where he supports his house team and creates an atmosphere within Bridges which promotes students to grow and learn in a safe and professional environment through programming and being a positive role model. Greg volunteers with SPRING every weekend and with data collection for a graduate student’s research. Greg aspires to be a physiotherapist or a chiropractor one day.

brady oakes

3rd year kinesiology

Born and raised in Dalhousie, NB. Brady didn’t move on campus until his second year due to training, studying, and keeping a proper diet for Canada Games. Ever since Brady moved on campus have played a significant role in Mackenzie between being on House Orientation Committee for two years, being on House Team this past year, and receiving the honour of being an Unsung Hero Award For 2016-2017. Brady does his best to help those in need, make everyone feel welcomed, and share my passion for Residence.

mallory parsons

2nd year kinesiology

Mallory Parsons hails from Perth-Andover, NB. It was her love of people and passion for community that led her to residence life at UNB. Mallory is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, while also helping lead Lady Dunn Hall, as their President. Mallory is an active member of the UNB Music Society and shares this passion of music is by volunteering weekly at the DECH to sing to patients. She aspires to become a medical specialist who studies chronic pain.

sydney rankin

2nd year science

Originally from St.Margarets Bay Nova Scotia Sydney's passion for living a limitless life has lead her around the world, and back here to UNB. The Med.Chem student is eager to get the most out of her time in Fredericton, and throws that enthusiasm into any opportunity that presents itself. With the help of a lot of caffeine, Sydney is the Logistics Director of the TEDxUNB conference, Education Proctor in residence, TA and Peer Mentor for the Faculty of Science-loving every second of it!

holly russell

3rd year kinesiology

Hailing from Bowmanville, ON, Holly is a third year Kinesiology student with a passion for helping people. As President of Harrison House, she aims to spread positivity around the residence community. Holly an executive member of Right To Play UNB, and also works as a Lifeguard and at the front desk of the Currie Center. She is a straight-A student and an energetic leader. Holly plans to live her dream this summer and travel solo to South America, then return to UNB for her final year of study.

robyn travis

2nd year nursing

Robyn is a 2nd year Dean's List nursing student at UNB. She is a proctor in residence and the secretary for the UNB Mental Health Association. Robyn's passion for mental health and helping others have shaped her life and goals. Her future plans include working as a mental health and addictions nurse, adopting as many dogs as she can afford, and going on a Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat.

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