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Best New Club (scroll down to vote)

The Best New Club Award is one award that will go to an official UNB club/society that is new to the 2018/2019 academic year that has proven to be innovative and have created exceptional and original events and initiatives that have positively impacted the community (inside or outside of UNB).


Women for atlantic - youth chapter

“The Women for Atlantic Youth Chapter is the first UNB Club with the mission of promoting gender diversity in leadership across academia, industry, STEM, and beyond. The W4A Youth Chapter operates in accordance to principles of equity and empowerment while placing a high emphasis on inclusive and just policies. In our first year as a club, the W4A Youth Chapter has provided our members with the opportunity to assist with and attend the inaugural Elevate New Brunswick conference (dedicated to advancing women’s leadership and economic empowerment), and has also created a community of like-minded folks committed to changing the conversation around gender equality and leadership. We are excited to be nominated for the Best New Club award and look forward to growing our community and message!”

Emerging technology unb

"Emerging Technology UNB is a club that is dedicated to making new technology more accessible, approachable, and affordable within the UNB community. In addition to this, we aim to start a public conversation about exponential technology and the implications this has for individuals, human civilization, and planet Earth. We accomplish this through weekly meetings, curating and creating content, establishing collaborations among other UNB groups and hosting events."

vegan and vegetarian society

“"The Vegan and Vegetarian Society (VVS) aspires to create an inclusive community of like-minded individuals who have dietary restrictions due to concerns over the environment, animal agriculture or cruelty, or health reasons. The Society is open to all students on the UNB and STU campus, and our events reach large numbers of people who are vegan, vegetarian, or interested in learning more about reducing their consumption of animal products. The VVS was created to provide educational information on conscious consumerism, environmental degradation and promote vegan and vegetarian food options on the UNB campus. The VVS has had an impact within and outside the university grounds and worked with other groups—like the UNBSU Food Team and the Sustainability Group—who share a desire to reduce their environmental impact, improve student health, and limit their participation in animal cruelty consumerism. We have promoted student health by offering free plant-based breakfasts, promoted plant-based cooking through our free ‘lunch and learn’ cooking classes, and have created a social network on campus through our trivia nights and potlucks. Furthermore, we will be giving back to the community by donating profits to local organizations like the Fredericton SPCA and the Wallflower Sanctuary.”

UNB Sailing team

A sports club for competitive and recreational sailors of all skill levels!

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