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Best New Club

Self-Love Club

Good friends Emma MacDonald and Chloe Bieber started the Self-Love Club after they noticed that while the pressure is on for students to build an impressive resume, few take time to do things for themselves. This high-level, always on the go lifestyle contributes to students’ challenges with mental health/wellbeing. The SLC challenges this through facilitating low-key events like sunset yoga and macrame plant hanging, allowing students time for themselves and promoting a happier, healthier UNB.

Students for the Wrongfully Convicted

SWC started as a group of UNB Law students. They pictured a world where those truly innocent would never have to bear the label of ‘guilty’. They officially partnered with Innocence Canada, the nation’s largest organization fighting wrongful convictions. They designed a course in miscarriages of justice, which received the Dean&'s approval. Now, SWC is working to establish Atlantic Canada's first free student-run criminal defence legal clinic and introducing UNB' first journal in Criminal Law.

The Atlantic Student Research Journal

The ASRJ is an all-encompassing way to connect students with health-related research being done in Atlantic Canada. Not only is the initiative unique to UNB but one of few offered in the entirety of North America. The ASRJ aims to break down barriers that students face when looking to get involved in research. In addition to publishing peer-reviewed articles, resources are available for students to connect with researchers, including an events noticeboard and featured local researchers.

UNB Water Project

The UNB Water Project is an interdisciplinary team of students with the goal of ensuring that Indigenous Communities across Canada have access to clean drinking water. The club is working on developing a user friendly water testing procedure and an accompanying app, developing educational workshops to engage youth on water issues, and reaching out to communities for collaboration and partnership. The club became an official ratified club in November and is already growing beyond UNB.

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