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Sportsmanship Award (scroll down to vote)

The Sportsmanship Award will go to three students who:

  • are involved in sports on campus at any level

  • demonstrates fair and generous behaviour of others, especially in a sports context. Best exemplifies the spirit of the game by his/her attitude, demeanour, and treatment of fellow competitors, teammates, coaches and officials and acceptance of victory or defeat graciously.

  • demonstrates positive leadership and inspires others to get involved.

  • clearly demonstrates sportsmanship: the act as behaviour exhibited during competition by student-athletes based on values, respect and integrity.

  • displays acts of integrity that go beyond the sport's playing rules and etiquette and put others’ needs before their own.


Zach dunseith

“I am in my fifth and final year at UNB, a graduate from Renaissance College in 2016 and completing my Bachelor of Science (Biology) this semester. I have been involved in Residence Life as a Proctor for three years, and I am currently the Lead Proctor of Harrison House. I have been involved in campus and club athletics every year that I have attended UNB, including: UNB residence and off-campus intramural teams in multiple seasons of flag football (2x) and co-rec water polo (5x), and UNB Buccaneers (now UNB Reds) Lacrosse team (5x). I had the honour of captaining the UNB Reds Lacrosse team in my final season, and am currently enjoying my third year as the captain for defending co-rec intramural water polo champions, Rocket Pony Djordje”.

thayne hebb

“Throughout my four years here at UNB I have contributed to the community in many different ways. I have been a proctor in Joy Kidd House for 2 years. I have also participated in a number of house intramural sports. Aside from intramural sports I am also a member of the UNB Track & Field team. This year I was also a TA for ENGG 1003. I have greatly enjoyed having the opportunities to positively impact students and am honoured to be nominated for the awards.”

lauren banks

“I am in my second year of the Arts program and I am also the Social Rep for Mackenzie House. I love participating in as many intramural activities with my house.”

carina hochgeschurz

“I am currently a 4th year student proctoring in Joy Kidd House. Throughout my time at UNB, I have been very active throughout the ResLife community. I spent two years in MacKenzie House and during my time there I was an HOC and Social Rep on House Committee. I have played on many intramural teams throughout my time at UNB. My sport is soccer but I can often be found filling in for other sports or cheering my House on from the sidelines.”

megan campbell

“I have had the privilege to play on the Women's Basketball Team the past 4 years while working towards a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. This year has been a special year for me as one of the Kin Society Co-Presidents. I have had the opportunity to ensure kinesiology students have one of their best years in our new, state-of-the-art building.”

evan bower

“Fourth year Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering student & current President of the UNB Sailing Team.”

justin ferguson

“I am a second year geological engineering student living in Mackenzie House. I play on the UNB baseball team and am a sports rep and HOC for Mack house.”

maggie linkletter

“I am a first year student studying Kinesiology while playing on the Bridges house intramural co-ed hockey team. I was also on the women's intramural volleyball team for Bridges. “

Maddy graves

“I am in my second year at UNB taking a BBA. I currently am the treasurer for my residence, Mackenzie House. I was also an HOC for my residence this year. I love playing intramural sports with my house because it’s a good way to keep active and have fun while doing it!”

brandon archibald

“I am currently a Hall Proctor in Joy Kidd House. The previous two years I was the Vice President of Tibbits Hall along with Sports Representative the year before. I have been on House Orientation Committee for Tibbits Hall. For the first semester of this year, I took on the Sports Representative position on the Joy Kidd House Committee as they did not have one. The past three years I have been a member of the UNB Reds Track and Field team as an athlete. I am currently the Residence Representative on the Student Union Council. Along with this, I am the Events Coordinator for the UNB S.P.R.I.N.G. program and the Co-Coordinator for the Children's Wish Foundation Chapter at UNB.”

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