Academic Concern Directory

If we don’t voice our concerns, then who will? 

As a member of the UNB community, you are entitled to a safe, productive, and positive learning environment in which you feel respected and supported. In the specific cases where an appropriate standard of education is not met, we must constructively document and share these experiences by voicing our concerns and collectively holding our professors, Faculties, and university accountable. 

In all cases, a great starting point is discussing your concerns with the professor in question. However, in cases where that may not be possible or effective, there are many other people who are available to help!

Questions to consider:

1. Is this a concern about grading and/or other academic decisions? 

  • In certain cases, if you feel comfortable, speaking to your instructor directly about academic decisions can be very productive.

  • Examples of when this can be effective: 

    1. Miscommunication 

    2. A grade you feel was not appropriate

2. Is this a concern about the performance of an instructor? 

  • If your expectations of a faculty member’s performance have not been met, each Faculty has a specific process to address your concerns. Please use the list below to contact the appropriate individual to receive and/or resolve your concern: 

    List of all faculties with Dean or designate information

  • Examples of when this can be effective: 

    • Ineffective teaching

    • Instructor repeatedly cancelling courses

    • Instructor showing up late 

    • Instructor returning marks late or providing inadequate feedback  

3. Is this a concern or question about human rights? 

  • If you are concerned that your human rights have been violated, or if you have a question relating to human rights, please contact the Human Rights Office. 

  • Human Rights Office:

  • Please refer to the New Brunswick Human Rights Act

  • Examples of when this can be effective: 

    • Discrimination of any form, including sexism, homophobia, racism, etc.

    • Sexual harassment 

4. Do you feel completely lost about what to do? 

  • If your situation is very complex, with several parties and/or sensitive information involved, contact our Student Advocate, Wilfred Langmaid. 

    Wilfred Langmaid

    1 (506) 453-4527  

    CC Jones Student Services Ctr, rm. 126

  • Examples of when this can be effective:

    • When you feel uncomfortable addressing any other individual about a serious issue

    • When you are charged under the University General Regulations on Conduct and the Student Disciplinary Code

Please feel free to use draft letter template attached for a formal complaint.