the University Women's Centre

The University Women’s Centre (UWC) is a safe space on campus that is open to all. Our room is available for students to study, hang out, and breastfeed in a comfortable, non-judgemental environment. We are also a resource on campus that provides information on safe sex, sexual health, safe injections, social and education programs, women’s shelters, and more. Additionally, we are stocked year-round with condoms, dental dams, and feminine hygiene products. In addition to our space, we host a variety of events during the school year to help promote gender equality and women’s rights.

As a Centre, we value inclusivity, respect, and are guided by consideration for intersectionality and diversity. Our goal is to promote a campus environment in which all people can live and work in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, security, and equality. Ultimately, the Centre aspires to affirm the dignity of all self-identified women.

We serve the tri-campus community (UNB, STU, NBCC).

All are welcome at the University Women's Centre. We're located in the Student Union Building Room 129 on the main floor across from SUB Styles!

Contact Information:

Email: universitywomenscentre@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UWomensCentre/

Twitter: @uniwomenscentre

Instagram: @theuniversitywomenscentre