Hello! If you are looking for a fun, exciting and engaging job on campus that never has a dull moment, you’re in luck!

This year at the UNB Student Union, we aim to be the most student focused organization on campus, ever. Working with us means working with other like-minded students and getting involved on campus to help improve student life! Here are some guarantees from a Student Union job:

  • Improving and impacting the life of UNB students
  • Helps you to establish your career!
  • Finding your wallet a bit fuller every now and then!
  • A job to get excited for

Perhaps you haven’t much about the UNB Student Union but we’ve been around for quite a while now!  As an organization, our primary goal is to improve student life on campus! And we are lucky to employ many passionate students!

Positions available

Please send all associated resumes and cover letters to: hiring@unbsu.ca

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SafeRide Drivers: View Description

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