Financial Aid

The Student Union offers a number of grants and bursaries supporting student financial aid at UNB. Due to privacy and confidentially regulations  UNBSU administers their support through the financial aid department at UNB. 

Our support includes the following:

UNBSU Student Bursary:

          The UNBSU Bursary is offered to students union members who experience unforeseen hardship or incur unforeseen financial burdens that impair their ability to maintain full-time enrollment. Students may access up to $500 per term. 

Great Computer Give Away:

          In cooperation with ITS UNB the Student Union gives away a limited number of refurbished laptops at the start of each scholastic year. Applications close September 22nd 2016, to find out more click to see application.

Student Union Scholarships and Contributions to Grocery Program:

          Using the return off investments the UNBSU contributes to the Student Union Scholarships and the UNB Grocery Program administered through financial aid. The scholarships are available to UNB Fredericton full time undergraduate students in varying increments. Additionally, by supporting the Grocery Program we are enabling students who are struggling to meet their day to day needs.