A list of recent UNBSU efforts and initiatives to make life at UNB better for students.

Our recent successful efforts

Fall Reading Week

We have successfully advocated for a Fall Reading Week starting in Fall 2018 for UNB students.
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Storm Closure Policy

We successfully proposed and advocated for a storm closure policy, mandating the university to close campus if weather conditions reached a certain set level of requirements.


The UNB Student Union's position on recent issues that affect UNB students.

Position Statement on Gender Neutral Bathrooms
Position Statement on Chosen Names
Position Statement on Pronouns and Honourifics
Position Statement on Discriminatory Posters found on Campus
Position Statement on Fall Reading Week

What we are working on

Grade Forgiveness Policy

An academic advocacy proposal to the UNB Senate to allow students to retake three courses with a maximum of two attempts for each courses with the highest of each attempt, affecting the student's grade point average

Add/Drop Date Deadline

A proposal to the UNB Senate to consider extending the add drop date deadline from a week to two weeks. This will allow students to enough time to decipher between prefered courses.

24/7 Study Space

Advocacy effort, towards providing students an accessible place for study particularly during stress periods, such as midterms and final examinations.

UNBSU Reconciliation Committee

Through our reconciliation committee, our indigenous accessibility, campus indigenization and indigenous self declaration, we hope to continue positive conversations on indigenizing the UNB community.

Open Education Resources

Through our TextBroke campaign, the UNBSU is advocating to the UNB Administration to consider the adoption of open education resources (OER’s) which are free, accessible, openly licensed text and media that are usually free or very affordable. Click here for more information.