Student Event Risk Management

As many student leaders are aware, the University has introduced a pilot program: Student Event Risk Management (SERM).  This program is led by a committee composed of a variety of different stakeholders from across campus, including our Vice President Finance & Operations, Grayson Beairsto, and President, Travis Daley. The UNBSU has been representing student concerns to this committee since it formed. One significant result of this program is that clubs and societies must now submit an event application form in order to booking space on campus. This is a common practice among many universities and allows the Student Union to be more aware of events taking place to provide additional support to clubs and societies.

Since the introduction of this program, students have raised many valid concerns.  We have worked to express these concerns to the committee.  Additionally, we ensured that the committee held a forum on the processes allowing students to directly vocalize their thoughts directly to the decision-making body. The UNBSU representatives requested the SERM committee commit to addressing the following points:

  • Make event organizing training more accessible to students by providing an online module available as soon as possible. In the meantime, student event planners can meet with the UNBSU VP Finance and Operation prior to submitting an application.

  • Redefine what is considered a high risk event based on attendance to eventually reduce the amount of applications needs to go to the committee.

  • Ensure all events are processed without bias and only the facts presented are considered in the approval processes.

  • That the application be as minimally demanding as possible for students.

  • That the committee’s sole job is to aid groups in reducing risk.

  • An appeals mechanism be put in place allowing students to challenge decisions.

  • That the UNBSU be treated as a partner and this process will not reduce autonomy

The committee as a whole was receptive to this feedback and has agreed to address it. Students should feel assured that the UNBSU is continually advocating on their behalf. If you have feedback in regards to SERM, please feel free to email