unbsu teams

If you are passionate, friendly, engaging and want to be more involved on campus, then apply to be a part of one of the UNBSU Teams.

Our team members are a group of enthusiastic volunteers who are a crucial and vital  part of the planning of many of the  UNBSU’s multiple events, projects and campaigns relating to mental health, cultural relations, etc.

Read about the following opportunities below. Apply to be a part of our team today! 

Applications for 2017 have closed. 

Mental/wellness team

The Student Union prioritizes Mental and general wellness at UNB. We believe that for students to be able to succeed, we must be mentally healthy and fit hence, our Mental/Wellness program.

This team will allow you to be a part of planning our annual UNBSU Wellness Week, creating multiple campaigns to educate students about Mental Health, our random act of kindness events and programs, working with other university departments and many other fun and exciting events and projects.

Join this team to continue the ongoing conversations about the importance of mental health and well being here at UNB


The Multicultural Initiatives is a program designed for all UNB students particularly international students to meet and share their culture. This initiative by the Student Union allows for us to bridge the gap between international students and domestic students.

Joining the team allows you to plan awesome, fun events and projects that brings people of various backgrounds at UNB together.


DrinkSmart is a program developed by the Student Union that aims to educate the student body on the potential dangers of alcohol, as well as encouraging alternatives. This is achieved through various programs, including: events, presentations, awareness campaigns and merchandise with safe consumption messaging. Within our community, drinking culture is very prevalent, and it is important students are aware and engaged in the conversation about safe consumption.

Being a part of the DrinkSmart team means working with the UNBSU and the DrinkSmart coordinator to create innovative and informative campaigns and programs on safe alcohol consumptions as well as creating exciting and fun events throughout the school year with your team.


Founded in 1948, the Red N’ Black Revue is an annual talent show that showcases the many talents of students here at UNB. The show is traditionally performed in Memorial Hall in February.

Being a part of the Red N’ Black Revue team includes marketing the show to students and coordinating auditions.

Join this team to help highlight and shine light on the amazing talent here at UNB.


Our Academic Programming initiative is freshly introduced this year and  is designed to complement the academic careers of UNB students through innovative, fun events and projects. This is achieved through our many new programs and events including our Novel exchange program, our poetry slam coffee house, research showcase based events, fall destress fest, peer advising events, academic campaigns and many other programs.

Join the academic programming team to contribute new ideas to elevate and promote academic well being here at UNB for students





Applications for this year's UNBSU Teams have now closed.