Shinerama is one of Canada’s largest post-secondary fundraisers. In September, more than 35,000 students on 60 college and university campuses will participate on Shine Day. Shinerama was developed in 1961 at Wilfred Laurier University with the purpose of teaching first year students to give back to their community.

UNB held its first Shine Day during Orientation Week 1973 and $4,212 was raised for the CFC. UNB has since participated in 46 Shinerama campaigns and has raised a total of over $600,000. During Orientation, all of UNB’s first year students, as well as Orientation and Residence leaders, will take to the streets of Fredericton to raise funds for the CFC.

Students will flood the city streets on Shine Day, canvassing door-to-door, shining shoes, washing cars, singing on street corners, having barbecues, running bottle drives and using any other creative means possible to raise money to find a cure or treatment for CF, the most common, fatal genetic disease in this country.