RED Awards Organizing Team Hiring

Deadline: Sunday, January 13th, 2019 @ 11:59pm

 Finance/Sponsorship Director:
- Create fundraising strategy and any required sponsorship packages
- Oversee the budgeting process
- Attend all meetings

Production Lead:
- Director for the production of the event (media presentations, etc.)
- Manages the overall
- Make sure everything for the night is in place before the day of the event
- Attend all meetings

 Speakers Lead:
- Solicit inspiring speakers
- Manages and communicates with award presenters leading up to and during the event
- Manage interactions
- Attend all meetings

Awards Director:
- Responsible for seeking nominees and recipients for each award
- Responsible for evening award logistics
- Attend all meetings
- Reporting to the committee the progress of the awards

Entertainment Director:
- Oversee all technical aspects of the evening
- Oversee the logistics of any entertainment acts during the evening
- Communicates with entertainers leading up to and during the night of the event
- Oversee hiring of photographers and videographers
- Work with the Marketing Director for promotional videos
- Attend all meetings

Logistics Director
- Oversee scheduling of speakers/performances and ensure timely order of conference
- Responsible for all bookings
- Responsible for acquiring materials and equipment required for the program
- Organizes and runs all rehearsals
- Attend all meetings

Marketing Director:
- Develop marketing strategy
- Plan a RED Awards promotional campaign
- Ensure that the RED Awards are promoted throughout campus
- Attend all meetings

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