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The UNBSU is governed by 3 separate bylaws which regulate the affairs of the student union. Bylaw No. 1 specifically details the Conduct & Affairs of the UNB Student Union, Bylaw No. 2 outlines the rules and regulations around Elections & Referendum and Bylaw No. 3 outlines the function and conduct of our appeals board.

Bylaws (Combined)

Operational Policy

Specific areas of the student union’s operations are detailed within our various operational policies.
Check them out below. 

Financial Policy       
Clubs & Societies Policy
Part-Time Employment Policy
SafeRide Policy
Committee Policy
Council Procedure Policy
Policy Defining Governing Documents
Human Rights Policy
Human Resource Policy
Executive Position Description Policy
Data Policy

External Affairs Policies

Non-Partisan Policy
External Political Representation Policy

Orientation Bylaws

Orientation Constitution

Orientation Bylaws

Orientation Financial Policy