We have big hopes for the UNBSU...

We want to deliver on not only the amazing programming and strong voice that we have been known for,

but also push the UNBSU forward into exciting new territory.

And our new brand is the foundation of this vision.

Our Action Plan 2020 is a document that outlays our vision for the UNB Student Union for the next 3 years.



Our New Look

Our new logo is balanced, simple and vibrant:
representing our dedication to the demographic that we serve: UNB Students.


Our new vibrant colour palate symbolizes
the amazing diversity of unb students.
The JOINED colours in our new logo
symbolizes that we are all united.


Read the brand book to View the ideas, thoughts and visions that went into generating our new look and identity.



"Countless visions, One Union."



We all have our own goals, passions and visions.... 
but at the end of the day, we are all united as UNB students.

The "Countless visions, one union." campaign aims to communicate that our differences and diversity make our cohesive unit as unb students, stronger.