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Inclusion Award (scroll down to vote)

There will be two Inclusion Awards awarded that can go to any UNB student, organization, committee or club that demonstrates the concept and practice of diversity into action by creating an environment of involvement, respect, connection and support.


Mick Jefferies

Over the past three years, Mick has been involved in may different aspects at UNB. Since his first year, he's been involved with his house intramural sports team, a local theatre company, Qmunity, proctoring, volunteering for "Defining Rape Culture", UNBSU as Inclusion Rep, Co-Lead of Jack.Org (mental health advocacy), Jack Talks program, and he is even hosting a regional summit this year. Mick juggles his extra-curricular activities while still managing to keep on top of his school work and social life. Mick loves the UNB community so much that he will be doing a victory lap next year, returning for a second undergraduate degree!

Kaitlyn Derrah

“As the president of ArtZone I have strived for high level of communication and teamwork within the club and have gained the largest membership that ArtZone has ever seen with over 50 members. I have strived to provide inspiration, encouragement and support to my peers through a passion of the arts through organizing club activities and events. Through hard work as president I have bridged the gap between arts, sciences and the environmental joining forces with various other clubs, societies, initiatives and the UNB community to create an awareness through art campaign for world water day exhibition and to emphasize the plastic free UNB campaign. Working hard to join everyone together and to make everyone feel included and to also address environmental concerns and to make this year a memorial and positive experience for not only Artzone but the rest of the UNB community.”

Kylie Bullerwell

“During the last year at UNB I have been a proctor in Joy Kidd residence as well as a volunteer at the peer support centre. My mission has been to make sure everyone is comfortable being themselves in residence and around campus.”

Maggie linkletter

“I am a first year student studying Kinesiology while playing on the Bridges house intramural co-ed hockey team. I was also on the women's intramural volleyball team for Bridges.”

Women for atlantic - youth chapter

“The Women for Atlantic Youth Chapter is the first UNB Club with the mission of promoting gender diversity in leadership across academia, industry, STEM, and beyond. The W4A Youth Chapter operates in accordance to principles of equity and empowerment while placing a high emphasis on inclusive and just policies. In our first year as a club, the W4A Youth Chapter has provided our members with the opportunity to assist with and attend the inaugural Elevate New Brunswick conference (dedicated to advancing women’s leadership and economic empowerment), and has also created a community of like-minded folks committed to changing the conversation around gender equality and leadership. We are excited to be nominated for the Best New Club award and look forward to growing our community and message!”

unb computer science association (CSA)

“We in the Computer Science Association are proud to be extremely welcoming & accepting; we have an open door policy & strive to provide a safe space for all people. Several CSA members have commented that they struggled to fit in and find their place before discovering the CSA, and the CSA has come to fill that void. The CSA is open to everyone; many students from across campus join our society and find that they have a place here. We host a large number of diverse events all throughout the year to meet the needs of all members. This year, we also added a new position to our Executive, "Diversity and Inclusion Representative". This person is responsible for helping the CSA and all students develop and practice respect, understanding, and appreciation for one another through inclusive education, communication, and events. Our Diversity and Inclusion Rep has worked to partner with different student groups, committees, and members of the Fredericton community to foster a sense of diversity and inclusivity in the CSA, the Faculty, and UNB as a whole. For example, we have partnered with: The Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre, Engiqueers, The 203, and The UNB Women's Center to add new events to our offerings (with an emphasis on diversity & inclusion).”

International student association

“UNB International Student Association is here to offer support and promote the roles of international students in UNB Fredericton community. With exciting events and programs, we aim on enhancing the university experience and reduce the differences between the International and Canadian students. We have been organizing at least one event every month including the Board Game Night, Fundraising Movie Night and International Karaoke Night. We have also collaborated with the UNBSU MultiCultural Initiative on organizing events such as The Soccer Tournament in fall and Ticket to Diversity on Winter semester. We're also working with them for our social media campaign where we interviewed students from various countries regarding their culture and their ethnicity. From this semester we have also started our office hours so that International students who want to talk to us regarding their mental health can reach out to us. We're still planning to organize various events with the motive to increase the involvement of International Students in the UNB community.”

Girls stem up

“Girls STEM Up is a club on campus that is planning the First Atlantic Canada conference to bring together young women to help educate and empower them on unconventional topics and jobs in the STEM sectors.”

unb engiqueers

“Through events and other programs we create a visible queer presence and provide resources to the queer community in engineering.”

business administration undergraduate society (baus)

“OUR MISSION: Standing on a tradition of excellence, the BAUS strives to provide all BBA students with a phenomenal university experience. Our drive comes from preparing students for life beyond university, and encouraging them to lead meaningful lives. To empower, connect, and create a community of support for students in the University of New Brunswick's Business Administration Faculty.”

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