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Your time at UNB is jam-packed full of lit experiences, but there’s a perception that alcohol needs to be at all of them. It's easy for many students on campus to believe they are drinking experts, but this is a case where practice doesn't necessarily make perfect.

This page is all about sharing honest, actually useful, not-from-a-cringy-1980’s-drinking-will-be-the-end-education-video tips and tricks for having fun while staying smart about alcohol.

Scroll on and learn more about how to have fun, stay safe, and know your limits.

(Drinking) Games

Have some alcohol-free fun trying one of our games/quizzes below!

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DD’ing or just having a quiet night? Get a custom mocktail recipe in seconds.

DD’ing or just having a quiet night? Get a custom mocktail recipe in seconds.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines


Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines are a great starting place to help you assess your drinking habits. Their guidelines are based on the average person but as we all know, the effects of alcohol are totally different from me to you, so it’s important to know yourself to a T. Weight and size, genetics, family history, mixing alcohol with other substances or medications, stress, hunger and lack of sleep can all change the way alcohol affects you.

What should be your limit?

We’ve got to jump in here and say that yes, the government is behind the times, they still use sex to determine limits for # of drinks.

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Alcohol at UNB


Think students at UNB are drinking all the time? You’re not alone.
Over 10% of your peers think the typical UNB student drank every day in the last month, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

See what the real numbers are below:


Perceived Use

Actual Use


Look to your left, now your right. Chances are the friends standing next to you think that almost all students at UNB drank in the last month, but over 20% didn’t.
In short, UNB students drink a lot less than you think. Knowing that, try and support your friends who aren’t drinking next time–chances are they aren’t alone.


Is alcohol really the best for me?

Besides the the health effects, alcohol impairs how you think, see, and act in the world around you. Try asking yourself the questions below–your answers may cause you to reconsider.

Am I missing classes as the result of drinking?
Am I doing things that I later regret as a result of my drinking?
Does somebody in my family have a problem with alcohol?
Have I injured myself/someone else when I’ve been drinking?
Am I concerned about how much I’m drinking?

Interesting to consider, eh? In the last year, over 40% of students at UNB that drink alcohol did something they later regretted and over 20% injured themselves while drinking.


Need help or concerned about a friend?


Steps to Take

  1. Express your concern. 

  2. Invite them to talk.

  3. Help them find help. 

  4. Remember your role.

  5. Respect for privacy ends where risk of harm begins

    More Info


UNB Counselling Services 
CC Jones, 2nd Floor
(506) 453-4820

UNB Campus Security (after-hours)

CHIMO Helpline (after-hours)
506-450-HELP (4357)


Pint-size Facts

Because someone had to do the quick maths on drinking :/

Cannabis and Alcohol

Combining cannabis with other substances, such as alcohol, may cause harmful effects and unpredictable reactions.

We never recommend combining the two and encourage you to learn more about its effects and rules related to Cannabis at UNB below.

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UNBSU reminds you to never drive impaired

Sources of information:
University of New Brunswick, National College Health Assessment II, 2013