Cultural Cafe

The Cultural Café is a service mainly offered to International students who are learning or improving their English while studying at UNB. The Cultural Café is not limited to International students… Come out and have a fabulous time with International and Canadian students alike!

A typical meeting is usually comprised of a casual, fun game or activity to stimulate discussion within the group, and snacks for your enjoyment. Don’t miss out on some of the fun activities that are in store for.

The Cultural Café is designed to help students learn everyday English through conversational skill development. Get in touch with the International student community and come to these wonderfully fun gatherings where you can mingle with Canadian and Foreign students.

We aim to bring you closer to diversity at its best, give you the opportunity to improve your English language communication skills, and make new friends!

Come join us now!

For any questions or feedback, please contact the VP Internal, at