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BMO Oustanding Contribution to Student Life Award (scroll down to vote)

The BMO Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Award will go to five students who:

  • have demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment, leadership, and creativity, as well as to the campus and community at large.

  • Has consistently proven to be passionate and strives for the betterment of student life through their initiatives.

  • Demonstrates academic excellence and acts as a mentor and an inspiration to their peers through academics and their contribution to student life/ the community.


Criag fernandez

“My love of community and my fascination with leadership have led me to many amazing experiences at UNB! So far, I've gotten to be a Proctor in both Lady Beaverbrook Residence and Harrison House, both a Senator and an Inclusion Councillor through the UNB Student Union, the Delegates Director and Co-Chair of TEDxUNB, a volunteer with UNB SPRING, and the Treasurer of the Renaissance College Society, among countless other opportunities along the way. In all of these different areas I've learned that it's always the people - the beautiful, indescribable, spellbinding individuals that I get to grow alongside - that keep inspiring me to get involved, work hard, and make a positive difference on our campus and in our community.”

Mick Jefferies

Over the past three years, Mick has been involved in may different aspects at UNB. Since his first year, he's been involved with his house intramural sports team, a local theatre company, Qmunity, proctoring, volunteering for "Defining Rape Culture", UNBSU as Inclusion Rep, Co-Lead of Jack.Org (mental health advocacy), Jack Talks program, and he is even hosting a regional summit this year. Mick juggles his extra-curricular activities while still managing to keep on top of his school work and social life. Mick loves the UNB community so much that he will be doing a victory lap next year, returning for a second undergraduate degree!

Chloe Jardine

Chloe is a versatile third year student from PEI with a passion for working with people, which has led her to be involved in a wide variety of initiatives throughout her community. For the past two years, she has been involved in the Atlantic Student Research Journal (ASRJ) where she is currently the Director of Recruitment - and gets to connect lots of students to innovation and research happening around Atlantic Canada. Chloe also currently represents students on the UNB Board of Governors, and has been actively engaged in helping students through the UNBSU DrinkSmart program. The UNB, and greater Fredericton community, have grown close to Chloe’s heart and she has dedicated much of her time to volunteering with start-ups and non-profit organizations. Chloe looks forward to continuing to give back her community, and getting to learn from working alongside a diverse group of people along the way.

Matthew Maclennan

Passionate about bringing students together for innovative initiatives, Matthew is an electrical engineering student who strives to live with integrity in hopes of contributing to the betterment of the UNB community. Whether it’s facilitating international volunteering as a President of UNB Global Brigades, serving as the Engineering Undergraduate Society VP Finance, training UNB’s volunteer medical first responders or increasing awareness and opportunities for students interested in research as the incoming Chair of the Atlantic Student Research Journal. Matthew has sought to take a multi-faceted approach to give back to both UNB and the community at large. Off the campus, Matthew can be found instructing first aid courses, teaching Sunday school or volunteering at local fundraisers.

kaitlyn derrah

“As the president of ArtZone I have strived for high level of communication and teamwork within the club and have gained the largest membership that ArtZone has ever seen with over 50 members. I have strived to provide inspiration, encouragement and support to my peers through a passion of the arts through organising club activities and events. Through hard work as president I have bridged the gap between arts, sciences and the environmental joining forces with various other clubs, societies, initiatives and the unb community to create an awareness through art campaign for world water day exhibition and to emphasize the plastic free unb campaign. Working hard to join everyone together and to make everyone feel included and to also address environmental concerns and to make this year a memorial and positive experience for not only Artzone but the rest of the UNB community.”

hannah wood

“Since being at the University of New Brunswick, I feel that I have been so fortunate to be exposed to so many opportunities. Being actively involved in numerous organizations on campus have allowed me to meet some amazing people. After attending a national engineering conference in my first year, it kickstarted my involvement at UNB. My involvement includes: taking on positions with the Engineering Undergraduate Society for 3 years, currently as VP External; being a part of Engineers Without Borders for 2 years; helping to organize two conferences, on a regional and national level; supporting the Atlantic Student Research Journal; joining the residence community as a proctor; being a part of the Engineering Peer Mentor program; and Blackshirting!”

brandon archibald

“I am currently a Hall Proctor in Joy Kidd House. The previous two years I was the Vice President of Tibbits Hall along with Sports Representative the year before. I have been on House Orientation Committee for Tibbits Hall. For the first semester of this year, I took on the Sports Representative position on the Joy Kidd House Committee as they did not have one. The past three years I have been a member of the UNB Reds Track and Field team as an athlete. I am currently the Residence Representative on the Student Union Council. Along with this, I am the Events Coordinator for the UNB S.P.R.I.N.G. program and the Co-Coordinator for the Children's Wish Foundation Chapter at UNB.”

Maddie thibodeau

“I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given here at UNB to become involved in committees I am passionate about and work alongside an abundance of amazing students! I am currently a Hall Proctor in Joy Kidd House. During my first year, I held the title of Special Events Co-ordinator, and participated in a number of intramural sports for a variety of houses. I loved being involved and was inspired by my peers who worked on a number of projects throughout the school year, so this year I took it upon myself to volunteer for the S.P.R.I.N.G program, as well as Best Buddies, and held an active role on the Student Wellness Team! I am excited to see what amazing opportunities I will come across within my third year, and appreciate the nomination for this RED award.”

grace mangusso

“I am extremely grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities and experiences I’ve had at UNB that have allowed me to explore my passions and meet countless amazing, creative, and inspiring people. Currently, I am Lead Proctor in Bridges House, President of the Renaissance College Society, Co-Delegates Directors of TEDxUNB 2019, a Student Senator on the Fredericton Senate, and Renaissance College Faculty Representative on the UNB Student Union. Additionally, I am proud to be Co-President and Communications Executive of UNB S.P.R.I.N.G.; a club that partners 70+ UNB and STU students with 30 children in the Fredericton community with physical and/or mental disabilities for weekly, 2-hour gym and swim sessions at the YMCA. You may also recognize me from Student Recruitment or the front desk of the Residence Life Building, where I work part-time. I am thrilled to continue my involvement at UNB as a BlackShirt for Orientation 2019 and running in the ongoing Student Union election for the position of Vice-President Internal.”

erin cunningham

“Since my first year, I have been actively involved on the UNB Campus. In addition to a heavy academic load, I have served as Fundraising Chair for both the Water and Medical/Dental Chapters of UNB Global Brigades. This opportunity allowed me to develop an initiative for community outreach; each year for the last three years, I have spearheaded a leaf raking campaign in the fall semester to both raise money for Global Brigades Canada and support people in the community who may be unable to do their own manual labour. Furthermore, I have taken on more senior roles in the UNB Global Brigades organization; these include Vice-President of the Water Brigade and finally, Campus Chairperson. As Campus Chair, it is my responsibility to lead weekly meetings that encourage critical thinking, the development of leadership skills, and ultimately an evolution of students into global citizens. In addition to my involvement with Global Brigades, I have also served as a peer mentor in the faculty of Kinesiology since the spring of my first year. This has involved making welcome phone calls to incoming students, helping with SOAR events, and attending three orientation camps (KIN camp) as a leader. Further, I have also served as a Red Shirt and a Global Ambassador to help welcome incoming students during O-Week. In my third year, I was fortunate enough to travel abroad as part of a Study Abroad program; this really highlighted for me the importance of a strong, welcoming platform such as the one we have here at UNB. In 2018, I sat on the organizing committee of the Fredericton Terry Fox Run and helped to engage various UNB groups in the run and fundraiser (UNB Kin, UNB Nursing, etc.). Throughout my time at UNB, I have also been actively engaged in the volleyball community of Fredericton. I have coached multiple teams, ranging from 13U girls in the fall terms to both FHS and Leo Hayes JV Girls teams in two different spring terms. This term, in addition to working full-time as a Residential Youth Support Worker and my other previously mentioned duties, I also undertook the role of Sponsorship Director on the TEDxUNB team. While it is not an easy job to ask people for money, I truly believe in the opportunities that TEDxUNB offers all of the students at UNB. Overall, I would like to think that my involvement at both UNB and in the Fredericton community has been balanced and has helped me to grow and develop many life skills.”

megan campbell

“I have had the privilege to play on the Women's Basketball Team the past 4 years while working towards a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. This year has been a special year for me as one of the Kin Society Co-Presidents. I have had the opportunity to ensure kinesiology students have one of their best years in our new, state-of-the-art building.”

emily mackenzie

“I am so thankful that UNB has provided me with opportunities to get involved and pursue my passions. Over the past year, I’ve proudly been the Women’s Representative on the UNB Student Union, an executive member on the W4A Youth Chapter, a member of the Internal Affairs Committee, I’ve volunteered with the UNBSU every possible chance, planned Sex* Week, and created an initiative to educate students on sexual health. I’ve learned, through the support of my peers, that being passionate about something can take you far and you can achieve great things.”

Eric Meng

Over the past 3 years, Eric has been a passionate member of both the Faculty of Science, and the greater UNB community. A 3rd year Biology student, he has given back by tutoring hundreds of first year science students as a leader in the Peer Assisted Learning program (PAL), and currently serves a Peer Mentor within the Faculty of Science. In addition, he is this year's Science Representative on the Student Union Council and is the captain of the Men's Varsity Swim Team here at UNB.

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