What’s going on with alcohol on campus?


In 2018, UNB formed a committee to update their outdated 2009 alcohol policy.
The proposed Draft Alcohol Policy, and new section of the proposed policy, Campus Specific Standards (Section 21), have had mixed reviews from students over the past few months and has some parts we don’t agree with.

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What are the changes?


There will be many changes on campus if the policy is approved as it stands.
You can read the entire Draft Alcohol Policy here.

Below, we have broken down the relevant sections of the Draft Alcohol Policy that matter most to you.
Section 21 affects the student body more generally, and there are other sections in the policy that are relevant to student event organizers.

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Ultra-relevant text under sections are highlighted in red.


Section 21 (Campus specific standards) +

Recognizing that many of the standards noted below are already in practice, inclusion within the policy ensures that these measures are codified and subject to and governed by this policy.

a. Anyone in a role whereby they are serving alcohol at an event must be certified in responsible bar service (e.g. Smart Serve).

b. Persons providing security at bars and events (e.g. Campus Patrol, Door Staff,Bouncers, etc.) must be trained in role-appropriate security measures (e.g. Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, situational training, TiPS Training)

  • i. Campus Bar security personnel … specific requirements to be determined after consultation

  • ii. Campus Patrol … specific requirements to be determined after consultation

  • iii. Third-party security personnel … specific requirements to be determined after consultation

c.Entrance to licensed establishments during peak business hours must be controlled and patrons must show proof of legal age at the door.

d. Persons who exhibit signs of over-consumption are to be refused entry to bars and events and persons who appear to be overly intoxicated are to be removed.

e.Staff involved in removing patrons from campus bars and events will encourage the use of harm reduction or emergency services, as needed, and will make every effort to find appropriate accompaniment to ensure the patron’s safety (e.g. call a taxi, request Safewalk, contact Security, etc.).

f. Alcohol-free and light- or low-alcohol beverages must be available at bars and events.

g.Any time that alcohol is being served, food options must be available

h. Caffeinated energy drinks or pre-mixed, highly caffeinated alcoholic beverages are not permitted for sale in licensed establishments or at events where alcohol is being served. i. Individuals are not permitted to purchase more than two standard drinks at one time for themselves (i.e. two individual standard drinks or one double). Rounds, pitchers, buckets, and fishbowls must be shared with the adequate number of individuals such that consumption is limited to two standard drinks per person per sale and the adequate number of cups must be supplied. j. Games, contests, and activities that promote or encourage the rapid consumption of alcohol are not permitted (e.g. drinking games, shooter wheels, etc.) k. At higher-risk events, special risk-management procedures are to be enacted including, but not necessarily limited to, serving all alcohol in non-breakable cups, implementing a mandatory coat and bag check, and hiring additional security personnel. In Fredericton, such procedures are subject to the student event risk-management policy.

l.The sale of shooters and shots is not permitted on the Saint John Campus. m. Guests at UNBSJ student events and campus liquor establishments are limited to a 1:1 student to guest ratio.

Sections that affect student event organizers +

Disclaimer: we’ve summarized (and paraphrased) the sections of the policy which would be newly impacting student event-organizers.

  • Section 12 c&d: Events on campus which provide alcohol service must have Sodexo, and each License Holder on campus (UNB, SClub, and The Cellar) confirm in writing that they cannot or are unwilling to provide alcohol at the event and the Committee to Manage Alcohol on Campus (CMAC) approves another supplier.
  • Section 15: If you organize or participate in off-campus events affiliated with UNB (includes club/society events), you have to follow all the UNB Campus-Specific Standards (and the policy) and may be held accountable for violating these rules.
  • Section 19: The Cellar, SClub, and any event organizers:
    • cannot encourage under-age drinking,
    • cannot advertise using drunk people,
    • cannot advertise pub crawls/drinking games,
    • cannot glamourize drinking,
    • cannot promote breaking the law,
    • cannot display the price of drinks or say “specials”,
    • cannot advertise on the outside of UNB buildings
  • Section 20: Sponsorship of (or participation in) student events or clubs/societies by an organization that produces or distributes alcohol as its primary activity (e.g. a liquor company or liquor store) must be approved in advance by the CMAC.

How does the UNBSU feel about this?


The Student Union strongly believes in fostering a safe drinking environment on campus, however, we do not believe that some of these proposed changes are a step forward towards this goal.


What about education?


We think effective alcohol education is all about sharing honest, actually useful, not-from-a-cringy-1980’s-drinking-will-be-the-end-education-video tips and tricks for having fun while staying smart about alcohol, so we created DrinkSmart.

We’re really excited to see UNB taking a larger role in alcohol education on campus in this new policy and can’t wait to work with them to make it even safer, but banning things outright is not the best way to accomplish this goal.


Ready to speak up?


UNB has released a survey to consult students regarding the entire proposed alcohol policy.

If you feel passionate about the proposed changes (and also want the chance to win a pair of Beats Wireless Headphones) complete the survey below!